Monday, 28 December 2009

Merry Christmas:)

Merry Christmas

Hope youve had a cracking Christmas,id like to say that i have and i still am actually:) Got lots of goodies from my family and friends.... some lovely DKNY perfume which i cant live without. Makeup OFCOURSE:),money and loads of bits and bobs. Bit of a disappointment is, is that i got tones of coursework and assessment to catch up one, MY next ASSESSMENT is, to do with the "masked ball" ive got to design one... rather nervous! need ideas...feel free to help me:) Also ive been asked to design 5 outfits all around the theme of GOTHIC, i went into swindon today and came acros these lovely GOTHIC sticker patterns:) cant wait to get started
Right enough of my babble
let me know your ideas..and of course how your christmas is going

Monday, 23 November 2009


♥Glamour Makeup:) we were given a task where we had to do a makeup plan for a GLAMOUR look, keeping in mind its all about the BOLDNESS!! So i thought of a smokey look, but adding more vibrant colour like pink, which i did and blended in:)

AS im very keen to get a good photo to complete the makeup! Me And ChanellyWelly had a little muck about with the CAMERA♥

i hope you like them:) This is my Beautiful friend Chanel Murray♥

Sunday, 15 November 2009

My 1st MakeupASSESSMENT.♥

Align CentreHello FOKE:),I hope yourl all well:
just thought id let you all know how my assessment went.
As you may not know i got given my first makeup assessment where i had to
create a look that would fit in nicely in a OK magazine.
I based it around the bird "robin" as i loved the autumnesss of the colours.
On the day my beautiful friend kerhys came and
she relaxed whilst i set up my area(as i was being assessd for everything)
i personaly thought it went really well,i was chuffed with the final
look,even though the colour wasnt AS BRIGHT as expected
i loved it on her:)
heres a few snaps i took:)
Feel free to comment:)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

She inspires me.

I am ubber excited; i have just auctioned for 6 bobbi brown brushes on ebay:) and i have WON!!

im hoping this postal strike will not effect me otherwise im screwed:( silly people ey.

Well ahh ill let you know what there like when i get them!


Eyelash Serum by Lor'eal.

♥♥i absolutely love this product:)

it works miracles i think. It was my second pay day and i was strolling around Boots superstore and noticed it on offer...i was like WOW, i was going to go for the joint one which contained a mascara aswell but i thought id try this out first. Tell me what you think.....

As im off to the dentist with my mummy in a bit♥,i thought id go for a NATURAL look, with a nice red liner to give it some UMGHHHH!!

Another Tuesday.

♥ What are you doing today???

ME,well ive got lots of journal work to do for college, ive been giving a assessment where i have to research 'OK,HELLO' magazines and create a look that would best fit it:) My friend Kerhys is coming round in a minute so i can practise my look on her.I thought as its a neutral feeling and im feeling a AUTUMN SPIRIT,ive based the colours of the bird 'ROBIN',with the deep orange and reds,ive made a moodboard with a few ideas on it.♥
ALSO:) im going to dentist with my lovely mum.

Monday, 26 October 2009


You may wonder...what inspired me!?? Good Question!:), i always used to get my sister Becky(the one on the right) to do my makeup, wherever i was going,
*to the shop*even to the end of the road
Haha, i loved it..and thats where the passion grew.♥ ; i began learning how to do it myself... if it meant sneaking into my mothers makeup bag... i would!! ha shhhh, but YEAH,thats where is began.. i started to get my friends round and just do random ass looks, but i really enjoyed it. Then i started thinking..hey id love to get paid for this..;something you love doing..yet you get paid, for you it may be watching tv and getting paid??Ha So yeahh, my friends and family are backing me all the way and i love them for it.!! Hopefully i get as much experience as i can out of this! WISH ME LUCK:)♥ HERE, are a few photos that ive done.

The Beginning.

Heyyy all♥ ,Im all new to this blogging malarcy:) miss Zoe Sugg, the great woman that she is, convinced me to get onto this, so bare with me. Well as you can see from little 'about me' haha, that im currently in a 2 year course studying Media Makeup:). It involes me looking at Glamour Makeup,Special Effects, Fashion Makeup etc, and theyve also combined it with Wig Styling and Hair Styling. Not to keen on the hair part but i suppose its a extra♥ Well i hope thats a good start, i have blabbbbbbed on for a few sentences so its not to bad:) FRIEND ME,COMMENT ME...ASK ME QUESTIONS:) x