Monday, 28 December 2009

Merry Christmas:)

Merry Christmas

Hope youve had a cracking Christmas,id like to say that i have and i still am actually:) Got lots of goodies from my family and friends.... some lovely DKNY perfume which i cant live without. Makeup OFCOURSE:),money and loads of bits and bobs. Bit of a disappointment is, is that i got tones of coursework and assessment to catch up one, MY next ASSESSMENT is, to do with the "masked ball" ive got to design one... rather nervous! need ideas...feel free to help me:) Also ive been asked to design 5 outfits all around the theme of GOTHIC, i went into swindon today and came acros these lovely GOTHIC sticker patterns:) cant wait to get started
Right enough of my babble
let me know your ideas..and of course how your christmas is going