Sunday, 15 November 2009

My 1st MakeupASSESSMENT.♥

Align CentreHello FOKE:),I hope yourl all well:
just thought id let you all know how my assessment went.
As you may not know i got given my first makeup assessment where i had to
create a look that would fit in nicely in a OK magazine.
I based it around the bird "robin" as i loved the autumnesss of the colours.
On the day my beautiful friend kerhys came and
she relaxed whilst i set up my area(as i was being assessd for everything)
i personaly thought it went really well,i was chuffed with the final
look,even though the colour wasnt AS BRIGHT as expected
i loved it on her:)
heres a few snaps i took:)
Feel free to comment:)

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