Monday, 26 October 2009


You may wonder...what inspired me!?? Good Question!:), i always used to get my sister Becky(the one on the right) to do my makeup, wherever i was going,
*to the shop*even to the end of the road
Haha, i loved it..and thats where the passion grew.♥ ; i began learning how to do it myself... if it meant sneaking into my mothers makeup bag... i would!! ha shhhh, but YEAH,thats where is began.. i started to get my friends round and just do random ass looks, but i really enjoyed it. Then i started thinking..hey id love to get paid for this..;something you love doing..yet you get paid, for you it may be watching tv and getting paid??Ha So yeahh, my friends and family are backing me all the way and i love them for it.!! Hopefully i get as much experience as i can out of this! WISH ME LUCK:)♥ HERE, are a few photos that ive done.


  1. Oh my gosh.
    I wish I was that creative.
    Stunning pics x

  2. wow, you're really talented! good luck with the course and hopefully it'll get you where you want to be :) You sound like you have a lot of drive and passion which is always inspiring to read. xx

  3. aww thankyou both:) my first comments ahhh, il love you forever Hehe xxx