Monday, 1 November 2010

End of year Show.
Here we were set as a year a theme, which last year was a 'mythical creatures' and then had to choose a name creature out of a hat.
I was given a SNAIL, and oh my god! that was what went through my head.
I didnt know where to begin,
i straight away thought of the shape of the shell, maybe a body suit?
But thankfully after the 6 weeks we had to complete this project, it all came together and this is what i achieved. I was absolutely over the moon with it.

This was backstage where we had to line up in our order, ready to walk out onto the stage. My Poor model had to wear these very chunky heels but she pulled it off my no one i had ever seen.
She was simply the best, and got alot of attention
for the right reasons:)

Heres my model going down the runway!!

AFTER, such a busy yet very enjoyable year, it was such a relief to be able to show off my work, it really makes you feel special inside. When my mum told me she shed a tear it really touched me:)
This is my life.
Im so thankful to be studying a subject that i have such a passion for.

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